14 février 2010


Horace Tapscott: Biography (in French)
Horace Tapscott Discography (Leader)
Horace Tapscott Discography (Sideman)
Horace Tapscott Discography (Audience/FM/Soundboard/Video Recordings)

Nimbus Records: Label's Discography - UPDATE
Horace Tapscott / Steven L. Isoardi: The Dark Tree - Jazz and the Community Arts in Los Angeles (in French)
Horace Tapscott & the U.G.M.A.A.gers: Photos

Horace Tapscott by David Keller (JazzTimes, october 1982)
Horace Tapscott: Interview by Jason Weiss (Jazz Magazine, september 1983) (in French)
Horace Tapscott: Interview by Elaine Cohen - Part One (Cadence, july 1984)
- NEW!
Horace Tapscott: Interview by Elaine Cohen - Part Two (Cadence, august 1984) - NEW!
Horace Tapscott: Interview by Serge Baudot (Jazz Hot, march 1998) (in French)
Horace Tapscott by Serge Baudot (Jazz Hot, april 1999) (in French)

Horace Tapscott by Andy Thomas (Wax Poetics, 2009)
Nimbus / U.G.M.A.A.gers / Horace Tapscott by Alexandre Pierrepont (ImproJazz, march 2002) (in French)

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